Classic wear vs. Erotic wear

Hey Posher's !!!  So I was responding to a few of you guys and there was so much love during our relaunch I appreciate the support! I couldn't help but notice a few comments regarding the pieces. So here in the lingerie world. (At least mine anyway) There are many different types of lingerie to wear. Id like to break down th categories.

Classic:These are your french inspired , garters , your lace, appliqué bust, Teddies, Baby dolls, Robes, and bra set. Lots of which have even crossed into chic wear . The popularity of Corsets and teddies worn with a fresh pair of hip hugging denim jeans or under a power suit blazer have been adorned time and time again.  The Duality of many pieces according to todays fashion sense Is cost effective and adds spice to any outfit outside the bedroom. Which leads me to my next category.


Erotic Wear:  Now we are getting spicy! Posher's These pieces are worn specifically to seduce and impress in the bedroom. We offer these pieces for the extra spice, special occasion and one of our favs, Valentines day!!. Grab your farmers attention with commanding pieces like one crotch panties, open bust , See through mesh, body hugging lace an strappy , spicy sets.  Erotic wear can cross between with some our garter sets , our one bust appliqué set is a popular fave amongst Posher's.! Tons of my Model Posher's use it for video/ photo shoots , and The love the many options loaded on our site 

Fettish Wear: These are for my Bossy Posher's  Fettish wear is primarily for bedroom Play wear , You Know ,For those specific notches that will set you and your partner off!  PVC, Latex, Leather , Are primarily used for the designs of fettish wear 


Dancers Delight: "Yea I love the Strippers"! lol  A ton of my Posher's are adult entertainers or pole dance instructors . These pieces are lightweight in fabric, very similar to swimwear but no quite as thick. Based on he environment and activity of dance is the reasoning behind a lot of the sexy cut outs, and bright colors for these pieces . So when i read a comment under a post for our product page that says  "what stripper wear"  The answer is Wear whatever for whatever but no matter what it's going to always look " Pretty Posh"